Sommarforskning i Innsbruck

Kandidater hör upp!

Romero-Isart Group vid University of Innsbruck bjuder in nyfikna studenter till ett 6 veckors forskningsprojekt i kvantfysik i sommar!

Mer info nedan:

”We are inviting Bachelor students who are curious about levitodynamics and macroscopic quantum superpositions to do a summer internship in our group.

Over 6 weeks in the summer of 2022 you will carry out a short research project related to the current activities of our group under the supervision of some of our group members.

Specifically, the internships can take place between beginning of June (at the earliest) and the end of September (at the latest). The fellowship covers accommodation expenses in Innsbruck and travel expenses to and from Innsbruck.”

More info available here: