Är du vår nästa jokerlärare?

Fun­der­ar du på att ta ett studieup­pe­håll? Inför nästa läsår söker GTG två personer som vill stötta skolans elever på teknik- och industritekniska programmet i deras studier. Stämmer ord som inspirerande, positiv och flexibel in på dig? Då ska du söka rollen som jokerlärare på en unik gymnasieskola som ägs av båda Volvobolagen gemensamt med Göteborgs Stad. 

Två tjänster med olika inriktningar

  • En med fokus mot matematik och naturvetenskapliga ämnen
  • En med fokus mot teknikämnen som ellära, programmering och automation

Urval och intervjuer sker löpande så skicka in din ansökan redan idag!


Lynx Hackathon Event

At the Lynx Hackathon, you will work in teams to create a fully systematic trading strategy based on real market data. Your algorithm will be evaluated in a virtual environment at the end of the event, allowing you to see how your idea would have worked in the real financial market.  

There will be investment professionals from our research and trading department at your disposal to answer questions and guide you through the process. After the event, there will be dinner and mingle at the office!  

For more information and how to apply, go to our website www.lynxhedge.se/hackaton

McKinsey Leadership Program for Women 2023 – apply now!


McKinsey Sweden invites you to be part of our Leadership Program for Women where you get the chance to focus on your personal development during three interactive half-day sessions in spring 2023 in Stockholm.

This program consists of an exciting mix of self-leadership and positive psychology exercises that will help you reflect on and develop your personal leadership style. These exercises will also help you build capabilities required to lead and thrive in challenging times, while building an exclusive network of future women leaders throughout Sweden.

This is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about management consulting at McKinsey and our take on leadership in challenging times.

We welcome all students in year 2-4 who identify as women or non-binary to apply by December 15 here.


McKinsey & Company